Man of 1,000 Thoughts: What is the meaning of life?

It’s about 6 months old, but the sentiment still holds true.

The Echo of Western Connecticut State University

Dakota Sarantos
Managing Editor

Dear Man of 1,000 Thoughts,
What is the meaning of life?
– Ant Man

Mr. Pym, Rudd, Anthony…whatever you’re calling yourself these days, I’m not immune to the colorful, attractive nuances of idealism. Just a few days ago I was determinedly aloof; trapped too deep in thought and brooding over the difficulty and misfortune of my existence. Then, as I stared down the darkness, face up on my bed, I had a romantic thought. Sure, I’m working part time for minimum wage while going to school and trying to afford rent and food. But besides people having it worse than I do (they really do), I decided it would be fun to simply change my perspective. I was looking at these things as negatives when I could look at them as…something else #Arrow.

I’m going to school and I’m days away from graduating with a Bachelor’s…

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