Professor Bozzone publishes ‘Off Somewhere’

Ol’ Prof Bozzone

The Echo of Western Connecticut State University

Dakota Sarantos
Managing Editor

After nearly three decades of playwriting, WCSU’s maverick Creative Writing professor William Bozzone released his first book “Off Somewhere”, a collection of short stories published by Whitepoint Press on Nov. 17 to positive reviews. Why is he a maverick? Bozzone wrote the stories under the penname Z. Z. Boone, because it’s not about him.

 “I wanted the book to be about the writing, not about me. It’s easy to let ego run wild—I did it as a dramatist—and this time I felt the need for Bill Bozzone to be as invisible as possible,” said Bozzone.

 It was time for a change of pace.

 “I’d spent close to thirty years writing for the theatre, and it started feeling a bit stale. I wasn’t really enjoying the collaboration as much as I once had.”

 Looking to do something new, Bozzone went to his old passion of writing fiction.


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