Why Fuller House doesn’t suck and you’re just pretentious and insecure

Fuller House is here, and to the alleged dismay of many, it looks like it’s probably here to stay. We just got two seasons in less than a year, and it’s been on the front page of Netflix since the first season premiered. We have a new season “coming soon.”

Despite its apparent success, it’s been almost universally panned by critics. It has a nice 33% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with a consensus of “After the initial dose of nostalgia, Fuller House has little to offer to anyone except the original series’ most diehard fans.”

Now, that’s an interesting take, and it makes a lot of sense. But how is that a critique? That’s like saying, “If you didn’t like Lord of the Rings, you might not like Lord of the Rings 2.” What?! No Way! No crap, dummies. If you didn’t like FULL HOUSE, you’re not going to like the SEQUEL TO FULL HOUSE.

Everyone needs to take a giant step back and get off their high horses.

David Weigand of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “the episodes are predictable because they’re unoriginal and the writing is painful.”

Wow, I never thought of it THAT way, how insightful. You need a keen and astute mind to make those kinds of observations. I know a secret though, pssst, it’s not supposed to be original. Nothing is more painful than reading reviews by people who don’t understand the content they’re watching. This show IS a nostalgia act. That’s the purpose of the show. It’s 20 years after the original and John Stamos is producing; it’s fan service.

John Stamos


I don’t think he’s exactly gunning for Emmys here. Don’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. Intent matters in the eyes of the law, and it matters here.

Maureen Ryan of Variety, wrote that the show “continually goes to the well of having cute kids mug for the camera as they practically yell their lines.”

Yeah, that’s nothing at all like “HOW RUDE,” or “YOU GOT IT DUDE.”

I get it, some lines make you cringe, a good amount of the show is cheesy. Now, I dare you to go sit down and watch two to three episodes of Full House in a row and not cringe through it. With Jesse’s massive mullet and three grown men randomly bursting into A cappella during their day-to-day routine, I bet you can’t. Remember the “Forever” music video? With bare-baby feet touching a grown man’s feet?

Or that Christmas episode from the second season when the family is stuck in an airport (along with the rest of the people in the airport) and Jesse decides it’s his time to shine and stands up in front of everyone and gives a monologue about Christmas. You people have no memory or shame.

Fuller House is nothing more than a fun, “where are they now?” look at characters from an old show because the actors aren’t dead yet, and it should be judged as such. It is, in fact, a cheesy 90s show that takes place in 2016, and it accomplishes that goal quite well.